DON’s origin is derived from their desire of hats and nostalgia to a time when hats were the desired accessories across all generations and cultures. After travelling and living in cities across the world from Los Angeles, Tokyo and London the founders decided to return to Paris to create their dream and in early 2015, DON was established.

DON’s aim is simple: to democratise the hat, be it man or woman, revisiting all known forms each seasons. DON structures itself as a form of creators, (designers, street artists, musicians) where each member’s skill is part of the brands building blocks. Thus each collection from the outline to the detail is thought according to specific cultural references and inspirations, made to be worn by a passionate and free spirited generation. Contemporary, young and urban DON tries to shake the codes of the headwear industry and like a ready-to-wear fashion house, offer a capsule and main collection each season. Finally to offer a quality product, all of the hats are assembled in DON’s creative workshop in Paris, in collaboration with hat-makers who work with various established fashion houses.